Tips To Get Fit Using A Dog

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Tips To Get Fit Using A Dog

Sometimes running on a treadmill just doesn’t cut it anymore. Those who have the motivation and determination to exercise and stay in a healthy shape tend find enjoyment in exercising which is why treadmills are becoming less and less popular. While running outside can expose you to the elements, it can be lonely and boring. This is why running with a partner is the best choice. It can take a long time to find someone with a similar physique to run with, but how about a dog?

Dogs love to be physically active and it’s a bonus if they can be active with their owner. Too many dog owners disregard their dogs and let them become unhealthy, obese, and not physically active. Keeping yourself and your dog physically active will not only improve your health and life style, but it will also bring a new element of happiness to your life. Like I said, dogs love spending time with their owners, and if they’re engaging side-by-side in a similar activity then it makes it that much enjoyable. Not only do you get to make your dog’s day, but you also get a running partner who won’t slow you down.

If you’re nervous about moving quickly with your dog, then start with just walking. Walking your dog may not bring the same amount of physical intensity as running, but it will get your dog used to moving about in the outdoors alongside his owner. Walking is a great way to meet people as it’s a very commonly shared activity.

The great thing about exercising with your dog outdoors is that there’s so much to do. If you go alone then you’re pretty much limited to walking, jogging, or running, but with a dog it opens up a door to new possibilities. You can play fetch, train your dog in agility, dance with your pup, and even engage in a sport called “flyball”. These activities can be done in parks and large open areas, and it’s best if you can combine these activities together. You can run to the park, play fetch, and then jog or walk home.

Some dog owners may be skeptical about whether their dog can do these activities or not. Just like a human, your dog can get tired. If you have an otherwise unhealthy dog, then you might want to start out slow. Small dogs tend to be less inclined to running since they have shorter legs and they have to work harder whereas a medium sized dog is more suited for running. Whatever the case may be, physical activity with your dog is a health, fun thing to do!

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