The evolution of fishing and taking up angling as recreational and sporting activity

Published September 14, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

evolution-of-fishing-1Fishing is an activity that was originally used for food. Communities which lived along rivers, lakes and seas that had some fish realized that the fish was a tasty delicacy that was also a great source of food. Fish was a convenient source of food since the fish did not migrate, especially in lakes, and therefore they could be depended upon all year long. Fishing was also not as difficult, exhausting, and as dangerous as hunting other animals of meat.

In the ancient times, the first methods that were used to get the fish included spearing. This is where man used a sharp tool, probably a sharp stick, to spear the fish and retrieve it. This was a slow strategy that also required a lot of skill.

Man also fished by literally catching the fish. This method also had a very slow rate of success and many times it required more than one person working together to trap the fish.

The trapping of the fish so as to catch them led to other advanced methods of catching the fish which include the use of large baskets to trap the fish and later the use of nets. These methods, especially netting, was a hugely successful method of fishing and it is still being used in many places around the world.

One of the most revolutionary fishing strategies that man came up with is angling. Angling is a fishing method where the fisherman uses a hook and bait to catch the fish. In this method, the main things that are needed are a rod, a line, a hook, and bait.

The hook is fastened to the line and the line is fastened to the rod which is held and controlled by the angler. The angler usually baits the hook with some bait that is usually fish food or something that looks like fish food. Some of the popular baits for common fish species such as bass include worms, dragon flies, grasshoppers and other common food for fish.

Once the hook is baited, the angler throws the hook into the water, preferably in an area where he or she suspects to have fish. The bait in the hook is likely to attract fish and when a fish bites at the bait, the hook traps the fish. Once the fish is hooked, the angler can retrieve the fish.

Angling is an activity that is very popular around the world due to several reasons including its reasonably high success rate and its simplicity. Apart from being a convenient way of catching fish, it is also a very enjoyable activity that many people around the world engage in as a form of recreation.

Angling has been adopted as a sport around the world with competitors competing for most catches and for most difficult catches.

Angling is an activity that can be done by a single person without the need for assistance. However, many people like to go fishing together especially recreational anglers. A tandem kayak, a kayak that carries two passengers, is an ideal vessel for pairs of recreational anglers who want to engage in offshore fishing.

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