The best time to fish in fresh and salty water using a kayak

Published September 17, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

kayak-fishing-2Fish has been consumed for generations as a source protein. There has been development of various fishing equipment and vessels that have helped mankind perfect the art of fishing. However, the greatest achievement in the fishing industry so far has been the development of vessels and equipment that takes fishing offshore thereby enabling anglers to explore different fishing grounds. Apart from fishing for food, fishing has also grown in popularity as a sport.

There are different types of vessels used for sport fishing and they include kayaks and motorized boats. Kayaks have become more popular fishing vessels as they are ecofriendly and very convenient for use. Kayaks unlike other vessels are able to access some of the places where motorized boats cannot.

There are different types of kayaks that have been designed exclusively for fishing. An example of such a kayak is the old Town predator 13. These kayaks offer a convenient fishing platform in different aquatic environments. Old-town-predator 13 kayak is considered relatively stable and can be used by both beginners and skilled kayakers for fishing in both fresh water and salty water environments.

There are several factors that an angler should put into consideration before going out kayak fishing. Fishing can affected by several factors that include sunlight, wind, depth of the water, presence of storms and even tides in salt water fishing.

For instance, fishing during hot days in fresh waters such as ponds and shallow lakes can be difficult since high temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in such waters. Fish then become sluggish and mostly tend to hide in beneath rocks where water is cooler.

On the other hand, fishing on a windy day can be hectic. Wind causes the build-up of waves which makes it hard to fish from kayaks. However, inflatable kayaks are considered extremely stable and can come in handy during such conditions. Sea eagle 330 is a tandem inflatable kayak that can be used for recreation and sport fishing. This kayak can be used for paddling in white waters where there are rapids and also on the seas where there are waves mainly caused by strong winds.

Apart from wind, fishing is also affected by the amount of cloud cover. Presence of a thick cloud cover reduces light penetration in both fresh and salty waters. Fish tend to become more active when there is little light penetrating into the water compared to when the skies are open and sun rays hitting the water surface.

Anglers can also take advantage of light rains to go fishing in fresh and salty waters. Light rains in the spring or summer can help an angler hide from the fish as the rain drops hinders the view of the fish. However, it is difficult to fish during heavy rains as it can muddy the water. Heavy rains also result to increased flow of water which keeps shifting the position of fish. High water levels also results to waves and rapids which makes it unsafe for kayak fishing.

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