Make Sure Your Dog Is Fit By Feeding It Healthy Food

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Make Sure Your Dog Is Fit By Feeding It Healthy Food

It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have; whether it’s a small dog, large dog, hunting dog, lap dog, or even a hypoallergenic dog, all dogs need to eat healthily. Just like humans, dogs are prone to becoming obese if they don’t eat the right kinds of food. As a dog owner, a big responsibility is the physical well-being of your pup. If you allow it to eat too much, and eat unhealthy food at that, then you’re failing as a responsible dog owner.

Unfortunately, a lot of the premium dog food out there that is the best for your dog can be expensive. This is because the food doesn’t contain any fillers, wheat, or grain. Corn is a very common filler used in combination with meat to boost the food’s protein, but do not be fooled. The best food for your dog is food that is half meat and half vegetables. When shopping for dog food make sure that the proportions are half and half, and do not contain any unhealthy substances. This ensures that your dog is getting the right amount of protein.

A high protein diet is crucial for living a healthy life style. Dogs that don’t get any protein become lethargic and have higher chances of having medical complications. Some of the best sources of protein are chicken, lamb, and venison. Avoid feeding your dog beef and pork as these can cause upset stomachs which could lead to diarrhea and other symptoms.

One thing to stay cautious about is grain. Now normally when someone sees a food that has lots of grain, they will also see a high protein percentage. Do not be tricked by this as grain is commonly used to boost protein percentage. The only grain you should pay attention to is whole-grain as it contains way more fiber, vitamins, and minerals; all crucial elements to your pup’s diet.

As a dog owner shopping for dog food you might see the word ‘preservatives’ and freak out. Preservatives should not cause much alarm because they are almost necessary to keeping the food edible. As long as preservatives in last on the list of ingredients, you should be okay. However one thing you should keep your eye out for is chemical preservatives such as BHA and BHT. These pale in comparison to more natural preservatives like Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

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