I guess I will take up kayaking once more for recreation and for weight management

Published September 14, 2016 in Outdoor Activities


After getting employed and my lifestyle changing to a hugely inactive daily routine where I am mostly sited in the office, I have noticed that I am rapidly gaining weight.

I have always disliked the notion of becoming overweight. Fortunately, previous to the recent developments, I never gained any excessive weight. I always had a slim athletic body of which I did not do much to maintain. This was hugely because I was naturally very active. In all my time in school I was involved in all kinds of sport including basketball, football, and swimming.

After school, the period before I was employed I was always up and down doing one thing or another. This was a time I also engaged in many physical fun activities. Together with other guys around my home area, who had also graduated at the same time with me, we kept ourselves busy with numerous activities. One of the main thing for us was the local basketball. This was a pass time that kept me busy many afternoons.

During the weekends I was often out kayaking with a friend who had introduced me to the pastime. Since our home town is near the sea, we would go out deep into the sea on our kayaks or we would tour the coast.

Kayaking was something that I had just learnt after college but I quickly fell in love with it. We could spend the entire Saturday out in the water kayaking. We would carry a few personal effects including some food and we would spend the whole day at sea. The kayaking trips were a lot of fun because we could enjoy many different things on each trip.

At times we were able to spot whales, dolphins, and sharks out in the waters. This was a frightening but also an exhilarating experience. To capture the moments, we would carry our cameras and we took some awesome shots of the marine animals. Once we were able to view dolphins hunt for fish.

During our escapades, we were also able to view all sorts of birds and the swift downwards swoops of eagles picking up fish from the sea would always fascinate me.

One thing that I clearly remember about the kayaking was that the kayaking usually gave me a mighty appetite due to all the energy that we burnt up paddling. We would paddle for many miles and often we would race each other over long distances. This helped us work out our bodies extensively. I remember that at this time my body muscles were well toned.

I recently saw an advertisement of a nearby resort that had an artificial lake with an extensive kayaking course. I am thinking of investing in a cheap kayak which I can be using every now and then in the resort’s lake.

Despite doing this for enjoyment, I believe this will be a good way of working out and shedding off some of the extra pounds that I have gained.

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