Grudgingly I have come to appreciate the fishing outings we have with my husband

Published September 14, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

fishing-outingMy husband is an ardent fan of fishing. Every so often he finds time to go down to the nearby lake to fish. His passion is as a result of growing up with a father who also loved fishing a great deal. He tells me that his close relationship with his father is as a result of the many hours that his spend with his father fishing. (My father in law still loves fishing and he is still using the tandem kayak that he used to fish with together with my husband. He has however modified it for solo use).

I on the other hand have no particular enthusiasm for fishing. I think simply just do not have the patience that is required to be an angler or to even enjoy the activity. I also lack the competitive qualities that make many sporting anglers love the activity. I am not motivated by a catch, instead I end up feeling sorry for the captured fish.

My husband has however never given up in trying to convert me into a fishing enthusiast. He keeps telling me that fishing is an acquired passion and that it might take me some time to appreciate it. I therefore often find myself being dragged to the lake to fish with my husband. Somehow, I have never found the right words to convince my husband that fishing is just not for me.

I love my husband very much and I find myself willing to sacrifice a few hours of dullness to give my husband his moments of delight. My husband is like a little boy when he is fishing. He is usually eager to tell me all about angling.

He proudly shows off his expensive fishing equipment telling me the names of each appliance. It was a long time before I finally grasped the names of the fishing equipment which includes some high quality bait casting reels, sinkers, floaters, artificial baits, and fish finders. It was especially difficult for me to grasp the type of bait required for different types of fish.

My husband has a tandem kayak which he uses when he takes me along with him. When he goes off fishing alone, he uses his old town predator kayak. This is a highly customized fishing kayak that he is very proud of. Many men love their vehicles but my husband loves his kayak.

Although I am not a fan of fishing, I have come to admit that fishing has its benefits.

When we are out fishing on the lake, we usually have time to discuss all kinds of issues. At home we are usually not able to have such intense dialogue mainly due to distractors that include the TV and other home activities such as cooking.

I have also realized that after we go out fishing I am usually very relaxed and fresh. I guess the peaceful calm of the outdoors has a psychological therapeutic effect on me.

The fishing escapades are therefore not all that bad… at least, unlike many women, I know what a kayak fish finder is and how it works.

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