Enjoying outdoor recreation with the kids… a look at kayaking

Published September 14, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

kayaking-14Different families have different ways of engaging in their hobbies and having fun together. Some of the activities they engage in include trekking in the woods, skiing, sport racing, kayaking, rock climbing, amongst other outdoor activities. Most of these outdoor activities provide good avenues for children to play, exercise and learn to socialize with other kids and adults as well.

A good example of an outdoor activity suitable for the family is Kayaking. Kayaking has grown in popularity as an outdoor activity for sporting, recreation, adventure and even sport fishing. People, irrespective of their age or skill and experience, can engage in the various kayaking activities.

Parents can introduce their kids to kayaking at an early age so that the kids build up the necessary kayaking skills as they grow up. Kayaking enables kids to engage in some of their hobbies such as photography and fishing. Just like in adults, Kayaking can also offer a great avenue for kids to engage in physical exercises.

Physical exercises are a very important aspect in the growth of children. It enables them to develop properly, both mentally and physically. Experts suggest that children who often play, exercise and engage in other outdoor activities grow up to be healthier in their adulthood compared to those involved in less physically engaging activities.

While it is important for parents to introduce their children to outdoor activities such as kayaking while they are young, they should ensure that the children are provided with proper kayaking gear and equipment. They should also ensure that they purchase a kayak that is suitable for kids.

Some kayaks have features that make them safe and suitable for non-skilled kayakers. Kayak stability is one of the most considered aspects when buying a kayak for kids or any other beginner.

Inflatable kayaks for instance are considered to be extremely stable, especially on calm waters. Inflatable kayaks are very good for beginners keen to learn kayaking basics. Some of these inflatable kayaks, such as the intex challenger K1 kayak, provide enough space for storage of kayaking gear and other personal effects.

Some inflatable kayaks can carry two people (tandem kayaks) hence parents can safely train their kids before letting them kayak on their own. Tandem kayaks can be used for adventures, recreation and for family camping trips.

Apart from the inflatable kayaks, there are hard-shell sit-on-top kayaks. These sit-on-top kayaks can be used for sport racing, recreation and even sport fishing. Most of the Sit on top kayaks such as the old town predator mx provide a stable fishing vessel and even unskilled anglers such as kids can learn the basics of fishing from such a kayak.

Just like in any other outdoor activities, there are certain vulnerabilities involved in kayaking. Some of them include the risk of capsizing or even getting injuries that may occur especially when kayaking in rough waters. So, before letting kids go kayaking on their own, parents should ensure that the kids have acquired the necessary kayaking skills. When the kids are fully equipped, parents can then consider investing in kayaks made exclusively for kids.

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