Different ways of enjoying company on a kayak

Published September 17, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

enjoying-company-on-a-kayakThere are different types of kayaks that can be used for paddling in different environments. They include sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks. Sit in kayaks feature a seat that is inside a cockpit while the sit-on-tops have an open cockpit. For sit in kayaks, the lower body part of the paddler is covered by an extended hull while for sit on tops, the paddler is exposed to the elements of weather.

Some kayaks allow solo for paddling while others can be paddled by two people which is commonly known as tandem kayaking. Most of the tandem kayaks can be used for sports such as sport fishing and also racing or for general recreational activities. Tandem kayaks enables a paddler to share a kayaking experience with a friend, family member or even a pet. Some pets, for instance dogs can safely ride in a tandem kayak with their owners.

Though there are no special kayaks for dogs, some kayaks have inbuilt features that make it safe for paddling with dogs. Some dogs however, are afraid of the water and therefore require training before they can safely ride in a kayak.

Generally, tandem kayaks are bigger than solo kayaks and they are harder to manipulate for a single person. That is why most of the tandem kayaks require two people to maneuver easily. However, there are some tandem kayaks which allow adjustment of the sitting position so as to allow for solo paddling. Such tandem kayaks are the most suited for paddling with pets such as dogs.

When paddling a tandem kayak with a dog or any other pet, experts suggest that the pets ride from the bow. It is easier for a paddler to paddle from the stern while keeping an eye on their pets. Paddling from this position also allows a paddler an opportunity to take pictures of their pet in a kayak and also of the surrounding environments.

Comparing a tandem kayak to a solo kayak, tandem kayaks have a lot more space to utilize and fewer complications. They are also stable and hence are considered to be good kayaks for beginners. Tandem kayaks are mostly intended for practice purposes or for use during family trips and other assorted adventures. These kayaks have huge storage spaces where individuals can pack their camping gear and other equipment.

Apart from recreation, most tandem kayaks can be used for sport fishing. Owing to their stability, these kayaks offer a stable fishing platform for both skilled and novice anglers.  It is easier to train a beginner how to fish using a tandem kayak than on a solo kayak. In a tandem kayak, an angler can still fish with their pets on board.

When paddled by two people, tandem kayaks are considered to be much safer than the solo kayaks. It is always a great idea to have a backup whenever immediate help is needed.

Apart from riding with a pet, tandem kayaks can also serve as a romantic ride for couples or even a good ride for best friends.

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