Different types of fishing kayaks suitable for the beginner

Published September 17, 2016 in Outdoor Activities

fishing-kayaks-5There is definitely something special about angling that therapeutically produces in our minds an awesome serenity. This is one of the reasons why kayak fishing has become so popular. Fishing kayaks are often sit on top kayaks that have certain accessories like fishing rod holders, coolers, spacious hatches and GPS incorporated into their designs in order to ensure that the paddlers who engage in fishing do so comfortably. Here are some of the common types of fishing kayaks;

Sit on top kayaks are characterized by the unique design of their seat which is made to be well above the hull. These type of kayaks are comfortable for fishing purposes but not advisable for inexperienced paddlers who can easily topple into the water especially when the vessel is on the move. The bottom of the hull has scupper holes that drain the water that might find its way into the vessel. Sit on top fishing kayaks are made to be quite stable especially when they are stationary allowing kayakers to even stand on top while fishing.

People do not go fishing as a way of escaping from life but rather to immerse themselves deeper into it. For this reason, fishing with friends or loved one is said to be good for bonding. Tandem fishing kayaks are comfortable sit on top kayaks that can be used by more than one person. They are also very stable especially when stationary and spacious to accommodate the fishing tools and accessories like the coolers, fishing rods and baits.

Inflatable fishing kayaks are affordable and are made from high quality PVC material that is not only strong but also able to withstand salty and oily water without getting affected negatively. They are amazingly light and can easily be transported using a simple bag. Inflatable kayak track well on calm waters and are capable of venturing into more versatile waters since the PVC material is not easily scratched.

Bass is a type of fish species commonly found in moving water like rivers and creeks. Bass fishing kayaks are vessels that are made to maneuver easily on rivers hence are mostly a bit narrow and smaller but are still stable enough to allow the anglers to stand as they fish. Space is essential since bass fish are normally bigger in size and require more storage space. For this reason bass fishing kayaks are made with more space to place storage coolers.

Once a kayaker has decided the surface of water that he/she intends to fish on, there are several other important factors that are important before acquiring a vessel that will be able to serve you well. Other than acquiring a light paddle that will be easy to use, it is important that an angler acquires a paddle leash to ensure that you do not loose your paddle as you fish.

Every person who goes fishing is also advised to wear a personal floatation device for their own safety. Personal floatation devices can also come in handy during a fishing expedition since they have additional storage pockets.

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